Success Stories

  • Penny


    The Fabulous Penny was born to a precious pitty mom who spent her entire life tied to a tree. She had many pups during her sad life and most got […]

  • max-willie

    Max and Willie

    Max and Willie are two very happy and well-loved cats as proof by the Willie's big smile. Both were born with two sisters to an outdoor feral cat I finally […]

  • The Horses

    The Horses

    Look Who Came For Dinner. When TaraSun learned of 3 older horses needing immediate respite so they could be rescued and stopped from going on the kill wagon, we welcomed […]

  • Oscar


    When Oscar's family wanted to get a new dog, they went to a breeder and chose the biggest most rambunctious dog in the litter. Cute little puppies grow quickly into […]

  • Harry


    Harry was found in a field with siblings and adult dogs. Some were very ill, some were dead. A young girl took Harry to live with her and while she […]

  • image003

    Alex and Felix

    Alex and Felix. Alex was born to a feral mother who lived her entire life in the creek beds of a gang infested area, until I trapped her for spay. […]

  • Jasper


    Jasper is a 4 year old neutered male, with polydactyl front paws. Jasper has lived most of his life entirely indoors. He is a bit shy and loves to sit […]

  • bear


    Bear found us on his own. He was a stray, intact male about two years old. He clearly had suffered abuse and neglect as he hid in the corner of […]