About Us

tarasun_03TaraSun Animal Rescue Retreat has been helping animals in need since 1993 regardless of age, color, breed, size or species. Our focus began and continues with spay and neuter to help the over population of cats to reduce pain and suffering.

Over 99% of the tame stray and feral cats and dogs come still intact and sometimes already pregnant. We help animals who come to us after abandonment and when they are ill and/or injured. Most animals are weary from neglect and/or abuse and take much time and care to learn to trust again.

The ultimate TaraSun goal is to rehabilitate using nutrition and holistic healing modalities that include homeopathy, acupuncture, herbs, flower essences, t-touch, jinshinjyutsu and chiropractic care to enable an animal to heal and find a new forever loving home.

Each animal is fed a species appropriate diet and we have been raw feeders since 1996. Extensive research and experience has shown that often times simply providing a safe and secure chemical free environment along with proper nutrition is all that is needed along with time, love and acceptance for an animal to reach his/her optimum level of wellness. TaraSun has assisted cats, dogs, chickens, birds, turkeys, goats, rabbits and horses. Especially during grim economic times, we have helped humans by taking in animals on a temporary basis while their humans relocate so to be able to care for their animals companions again. Relinquishment to a county shelter often means they will not be able to get their animal back. When a new special forever home is not found, we offer lifetime care and hospice when an animal is ready transition.

TaraSun is a committed no kill sanctuary but we do follow expert veterinary advice when the suffering is extensive and euthanasia is the humane action to take. We are a non profit 501©3 rescue sanctuary. TaraSun has no paid employees and all donations go directly to help the animals.

Who we are

tarasun_01Lynn, our founder,  full time retreat manager and Executive Director, has spent a lifetime caring for others. After nearly 40 years of local hospital and clinic nursing, she has a good sense of natural biology and physiology. She is an avid organic gardener, ethical vegan with a deep-seated interest and study in nutrition. Lynn has studied on her own along with directed study in homeopathy and therapeutic herbalism and touch therapy. Animals seem to find their way to her in the time of great need, for TaraSun does not go out looking for animals to rescue.

Karen Summerfield, our expert secretary, is always available to take notes and assist with correspondence.

John is our President and Treasurer for TaraSun. He acts as the master snuggler, income maker and habitat builder. He has been a REALTOR® in Sonoma, Lake & Marin Counties since 1974 and currently is a part of the Management Team at Vanguard Properties.  After John’s four year battle fighting Multiple Myeloma, we are grateful for each new day. Besides helping with animals, John gives the remainder of his free time to coaching soccer and helping in community family activities. As an experienced, dedicated and ethical realtor, John is available to meet all your real estate needs. Give him a call at (707)481-6634.

If you are not in need of a realtor at this time, please remember that a referral is the highest compliment one can make. John is the main benefactor helping us to help animals in need so every transaction is life saving.

Ryan is our CEO, a graduate of USC School of Theater and Communications. He is active in swimming,  golf and local community activities and busy being a father to his amazing daughter.

Our board members have experience with animal care and rescue to offer us guidance and assistance as needed.